Custom Triggers



This behaves just like the Dispatcher from UT. It allows you to set up a series of events, with delays between each. It is a simpler alternative to using the AIScripts of UT2k3. When triggered, it will start going down the list of events.

Properties include:

  • OutEvents - the list of events to be triggered out.
  • OutDelay - the delay before triggering each event.
  • OutChance - the probability of the event firing. Defaults to 1.0, i.e. guaranteed.

  • AoRandomTriggerTarget

    This trigger allows you to randomly change which target actor is triggered for a particular event, so your level isn't always the same. You simply fill out the Targets property with a list of events, then when the AoRandomTriggerTarget is triggered, one of these targets is randomly picked and triggered. Could be used, for example, to make 1 of 4 AoAlienSpawners start throwing out Aliens, so the player can't predict where they will come from each time they play the game.


    When triggered, this will pop up an information window on the player's screen with some text.

    Properties include:

  • WindowTitle - text shown on the window's title bar.
  • Text, Text2, Text3, Text4 - the text shown in the window, each Text property is one paragraph
  • TextColor - the colour of the text, defaults to white.
  • WindowWidth, WindowHeight - the size of the window, expressed as a fraction of the screen. E.g 0.5 would be half the screen.
  • WindowAlpha - how solid/transparent the window is. A value of 1.0 would be totally opaque.
  • bSmallFont - for long text descriptions, this will make the font size small (the size of the console font).

  • AoPlaySoundTrigger

    When triggered, will play the specified sound.