Game World Objects

--Usable Objects


AoMisc.u has a number of decoration objects you can use in your maps. They are found in the actor hierarchy under Actor->Decoration->AoObject.

These include:

  • AoBarrel - pushable barrel.
  • AoBarrelBrown - pushable barrel.
  • AoBarrelExplosive - pushable barrel, when shot will do a high damage explosion.
  • AoBarrelRadioactive - pushable barrel, when shot releases a radioactive cloud, which does slow damage over time to anyone nearby.
  • AoBarrelSteel - pushable barrel.
  • AoSteelBox - a large, unpushable crate.
  • AoSteelBoxSmall - a small destroyable crate.
  • AoCorpseDecoration - this can be used to litter your map with corpses, you can assign it any of the human meshes. There are a choice of 4 death poses. Note, the mesh in the editor will look standing up, but ingame it will show the selected death pose.
  • AoAlienEgg - Alien eggs will hatch parasites when marines get too close. They can be used for the 'Kill X eggs' mission objectives.

  • Usable Objects

    Under Actor->Decoration->AoObject->AoUsableObject there are a couple of usable objects you can place in your maps:

  • AoObjectButtonPanel - when used will send out a trigger event.
  • AoObjectInfoPanel - when used will display a text window. The title, size and description text can all be set in its properties.
  • AoObjectFilesComputer - when hacked will fulfill the Retrieve Computer Files objective.

    For more information on the button panels, check the Doors document.