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Character Skills

Each of the available marines has a number of different skills and stats. Having a range of skills is essential to completing a mission successfully.


  • Health
    - This number dictates how much damage a marine can sustain before dying.
  • Movement
    - How fast the marine can move and reload his weapon.
  • Accuracy
    - Marines that have high accuracy will deal more damage to the Swarm.
  • Special Skill
    - This varies depending on the marine's skill, having effects such as increase hacking speed, more health healed or greater damage with certain weapons.


  • Special Weapons
    - Marines trained in the use of Special Weapons will be able to use the powerful IAF heat tracking guns.
  • Explosives
    - A marine trained in explosives can be equipped with incendiary mines and use the lethal Assault Shotgun.
  • Technical
    - A marine with this skill is an expert at technical systems. He can use this skill to bypass locked door panels or hack into computer systems.
  • First Aid
    - A trained medic can use the Medical Satchel to heal fellow marines in the field.